sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Detalhes em flor

Primavera é cor, é flor.
Sugestão do site que mostra em detalhes como aplicar flores em almofadas e cadeiras.

1. Make two photocopies of your motif to the desired size and in reverse since the stamp will be the mirror image of the pattern. Keep one copy as a placement guide and cut out pattern pieces from the second.

2. Trace the patterns onto foam, numbering them on the back if needed to keep pieces in the order you want.

3. Cut pieces from foam using a crafts knife.

4. Place clear plexiglass over the pattern-placement guide, and glue the foam pieces in place to create your stamp.
5. Pour the paint on a plate (for fabric projects, mix paints with textile medium) and use small foam brushes to apply all paint colors to the stamp.

6. Turn the stamp over and press onto the surface. Reload the paint to stamp again. Clean the stamp using warm soapy water. Let the project and stamp dry.

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